Collected by museums and individuals alike, Mark Campbell combines wood, stone, paint, and epoxy to create both realistic and abstract interpretations of the human form and the natural environment. After receiving his MFA from The Academy of Art University where he studied classical realistic oil painting, Campbell started integrating wood and stone in his compositions, developing a style that is uniquely his own.

Exploring the concept of nature in an increasingly man-made world, Campbell seamlessly integrates these opposing forces through deeply focused observation realized through meditative painting. Saying,

“To me our world seems a little more broken today than at other times in my limited memory. Meaning and truth appear to often surprisingly fall victim to uncompromising faith. Reliable nurturing sources of spirituality are harder to find. Too much of humanity reflexively moves away from, or even,  remains in a state of open hostility toward our natural environment. All the while, far too many take for granted just how reliant we are on nature and how tenuous is our grip on existence. 

We are by our very nature...Nature...”