Palette SF



Chef Peter J. Hemsley’s food tells a story. Harnessing his love of art, music, history and the natural environment, his pairing of traditional and modern techniques are an embodiment of creative expression.

From the organic plating of an abalone simply in its shell, to the artful decomposition of ingredients that when combined create a final dish, Peter’s vision ranges from the literal to the abstract. Appropriately named Roll in the Hay, a whole chicken is baked in an earthenware pot with hay to capture savory notes of the barnyard where it was raised. When plated, the leak chips, bed of polenta and leak powder made from leak tops, are a nod to the origins of the dish.

The Palette offering is attune with the seasons. We partner with local farms to provide exquisite freshly harvested produce, and with meat purveyors and fishermen who specialize and take pride in their craft. We partner locally to help foster continuous growth amongst our community and to ensure an unparalleled quality of goods.