J.L. King



Born and raised in San Francisco by artist parents, self-taught painter, J.L. King, finds extraordinary possibility in ordinary subject matter. With a strong surrealist perspective, King conjures fantastical and whimsical imagery, releasing them onto the canvas in a blitz of bold color.

“Living in San Francisco leaves me craving nature. Thus, interesting and resilient urban creatures leave a lasting impression on me. My portrayals of anonymous figures reside in scenes that reveal layers, windows, and portals into another domain. These small glimpses inspire my curiosity and conjure up pleasurable sentiments I vividly remember as a child. 

I often choose to spotlight mundane objects; drawing attention to details that are frequently ignored and always with a bit of levity. Connecting the images is a primary focus of my art, like riddles to be solved of which the solutions are unique to each individual, and ultimately revealing a personal narrative.”