Founder of Rocket Glass Works, Sam Schumacher creates unique, modern designs derived from organic forms. Inspired by the boundless physical properties of glass, his work is an exploration of the connection between the natural and built environment. Glass is a unique material that also has the ability to mimic other mediums. The manipulation of the round formations naturally created by molten glass into sharp hard edges draws parallels to the development of modern civilization from the natural world.

With a focus on functionality, each piece is hand formed and meant to be used, not just admired. Sam believes that modern manufacturing and consumption are broken, and in his own small way, is working to change that. Rocket Glass Works is part of cooperative of glassblowers who collectively work to meet the needs of the community.

On the exploration of food and art:

Food connects us to the natural world. Good food has to be grown and harvested, nurtured and carefully tended to. When food is produced at mass scale, some of the flavor can be lost and the character flattened. The same is true of tableware and the vessels that hold the food we eat. Most glassware is mass-produced, making it uniform and uninteresting. Its character is flattened. Each piece of hand-blown glassware is unique and connects the user to the maker. Its singularity gives it character much in the same way an heirloom ingredient can bring depth and intrigue to a meal.

—Sam Schumacher