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Handmade hand painted Ceramic Plate

Handmade hand painted Ceramic Plate


Set of 4: plate sizes 9.5”/ 10.5”/ 11.5”/ 12.5”

Mikael Kirkman I Bristle Bros.

This series of hand-painted ceramic plates is a unique collaboration with Palette.

Mikael Kirkman is an artist working in ceramics and social engagement, based in Berkeley, CA. His practice is centered on form, function, and purpose. He values the grounding nature of working with clay and feels endlessly inspired by the material’s earthen qualities. He creates original, experimental artworks, as well as practical works for public spaces and private clients.

Bay Area-based artists Josh Powell and Wythe Bowart are the Bristle Bros. In their eleven-year painting partnership they have transformed countless public and private spaces into vibrant works of art. Their skill and artistic inspiration have attracted diverse commissions from production companies creating arena spectaculars, to internationally touring theatre companies, city councils, art galleries and private residences. Inspired by the time-honored tradition of mural painting, the Bristle Bros have a true respect for all things hand painted.

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